Friday, November 24, 2006

Black friday

Well, I went out into the world today to get all thoes great buys on the perfect gifts. It wasn't nearly as busy as I excpected. G surprised me and wanted to go along. The only problem with that is that I couldn't buy her gifts but that's ok. I was able to buy gifts for the men in the family so I am really excited. Usually they are the hardest and I leave them untill last but not this year. I am off to a great start. Now if I could just get my butt over there and finish sewing up thoes other gifts instead of planning for SWAP and sewing other fun stuff.
On my adventure I of course made time to go into the two fabric shops that were having a sale. I was very focused though and only bought what I was looking for. I found two fabrics for tops for swap and a fleece piece on sale and a couple zippers and G picked out a crazy fleece as well. I will whip up another pair of PJ bottoms out of it.
I still need the perfect turquise fabric to make a coat or jacket but that can wait.


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