Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wow, Dec 27th were have I been?

Wow, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted. It was Dec 27th when I last posted.
Where has the time gone?
So what's on the needles?

I finished the yoke of the minnimissimo sweater coat. I have been using all of my "at home knitting time" for this one project. Very unusual for me. I'm not a one project knitter. I am much more confortable with multiple projects, but I have had so little knitting time that I really have only had the time for this one. It's really pretty isn't it?

This is my knit group project. It's Dexter ,a new pattern from the Zephyr girls. It's a bit further then the picture shows but not much, because I haven't had any knit group time. My knit group meets on Saturdays now and I can't do Saturdays because of work and family. I'm thinking about running down to the Scarlet Skien and doing some knitting, on like, tuesdays. I have been getting tuesdays off and it's only about 20 minutes from home. Will see.

I have the front and sides done of the sipala bag. I was working on this in January. I set it aside to work on the sweater coat .

I also took some time to make a noro scarf. I have been dreaming of having one of these, since way back when Jared Flood posted his. It's soooo pretty. I used 5 skiens of Silk garden. I have 3 different color ways in mine. I also cheated and didn't do the 1x1 rib because I know I would never ever finish it that way so I knit mine as a tube. It's about 7 feet long. I was going to stop at 6 but the colors were so pretty I kept going. I have a couple tails to weave in and then it's done.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

you don't see that everyday

You see we got this book for Christmas, it came with lots of tasty treats in it like, truffles, salmon, cheese, hazelnuts etc. It had this shreaded paper stuff in it to keep the things from getting damaged. I left it on the table and Orange cat decided it would make a perfect sleeping place. Gin thought it looked like a nest. SO.......she added some eggs and took the picture.

Sorry, I got nothing, no explaining this one.

In knitting news. I have decided to rescue Green gable from it's life in the bag. If you don't remmember the hook had a tragic disaster some months ago and the problem kept getting worse. The hood had been ripped out and redone 4 times. I no longer have any interest in looking at the dreaded hood. So I frogged it for the 5th time and have decided that instead of it living the rest of it's life in a bag I would just finish it off without the stupid hood. Yes I know I really liked the hood but I'll never finish it at this point so I have to move on.
I just need to weave in all the ends and find a button then I'll run it through the wash and take some pictures.

I have this grand idea or had this grand idea that I wouldn't start anything new untill Feb. I was going to only finish or frog wip. But then I decided to start the everybody knows sweater from knitty. So here is what I have so far. I will run out of yarn so I am on the hunt for Malibrigo worsted in the blue/lime color.
I also want to cast on for a cardigan in my new book country weekend knits.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Because, everyone needs a blue octopus

Merry Christmas to me, Here is the stack I books I got for Christmas.
I haven't had time to look at them but I'm really excited to have them.
The essential guide to color knitting
Country weekend knits
Continous cables
and a magazine I've never seen before Verena

I knit an octopus, Isn't he the cutest thing.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

mad hatter

(I added this after fiirst posting)

I made Ginna a hat using the leftover yarn from the other hats in the last half of this post. I was going to add some embroidery but she declared it done and it was quickly assimilated into the teenage realm.

What a crazy week this has been.

Poor Sydney got beat up by the new neighbors " bad cats" again. He came in trailing blood, he had blood on his face and paw and whiskers and we all freaked out. Once we got him all cleaned up we found ha had a claw scratch across the top of his ear. Other then that he was fine, well scarred but fine. I put this towel down and the chair that he likes to hide on and he jump up there and went to sleep. I came in later to make sure he was ok and found Orange cat licking his face and all curled up next to him.

In the knitting world I made a pink honeycomb cowl.

I made myself a hat using wool ease thick and quick in lemongrass. It's the brangelina pattern from Ravelry. It's a little too tight for Ginna but it fits me perfectly I love it!! Now I want an orange one. No she wasn't in the mood for pictures.

A black hat for Don, my own pattern.

A hat for Don in charcoal same pattern .

Now, I am trying to make a pair of slippers using the same yarn.
Heather found a super cool scarf pattern on Ravelry the other night that I think would be great to make. I don't do alot of scarves because I find the tedious but this one is unusual.
I also finished Mom's blanket for Christmas so I'm pretty sure I am done.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

H is for Heroine and Hat

After the knitting was complete and before the trip to the washing machine a picture was taken. Keep in mind it was a dark and rainy night , and the model was ready for bed. so taking a great picture wasn't going to happen.

After the washing machine trip I left it laying on the dryer for a few days, then decided to pin back the flaps and see how it looks.

I had an urge to knit another hat. It took about 2 hours. It's for the man. The hat he wears most often is looking a little shabby, stretched out and worn thin. I was afraid he might tell someone I made it. How embarrasing. Don't get me wrong it was a great hat when It was new but he has worn it for years and now it's really sad. It's time for a new one. This one is made with lion brands thick and quick in charcoal. He likes his hats plain, really, really, plain.
The yarn in the background is for another hat, but this one is for me. I'm using a crazy aunt purl pattern. I'll share more when I'm done.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

finished stuff

I finished sweet pea and finally had the time to sew on the buttons. Ginna was nice enough to model both the jacket and the new felted hat.
The hat was a fast fast knit. It is the felted bucket hat from chic knits. I used patons classic wool in a heathered grey. It's slighlyt damp in this picture and my head is smaller then Gins so it fits me a bit better then it does her but I think it's really cute.
The jacket, you can see in this picture is not nearly as boxy as it looks on the site. Mine came out more fitted. It could be that the model has on a much larger size and I made a smaller size. I also changed the way it overlapps in the front. As usually the yarn. malabrigo, is fantastic, super squishy and cozy.

Next on the needles? I have Sylvi started and the textured tweed cardigan needs to be rescued from the bag I stuffed it in. I also feel the need to make some small quick items.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The new Knitty is up. There is a nice variety of patterns.
The first thing that caught me eye was the fishy hat pattern. These are super cute and some poor victim, I mean family member, is going to get a fishy hat They are super crazy. I have to knit one.

I like the way this one looks, but it's knit on tiny needles and I have way to many sweaters on my list to knit anything on smaller then a 7. I believe it was called surface.

Jordana paige did this next one. It's called amused. This is a top down in the round construction.

I really like the cable on the collar and theneck line. I also think the ribbing on the waist is cute. This might go in my que.

This is the newest pattern from Ann. I always love her patterns. This one I'm not sure about. I think it has dropped stitches along the side but It's hard to tell in the picture. It would be the fastest sweater you ever make, because it's all knit. This one is a maybe.

Then the last pattern I liked was a pair of handwarmers made with cascade 220. Very cute pattern with nice details. I wasn't able to get a pict of that one before knitty went down. That always happens the first day it's up,too many users at once.

Alright then, better go sew the buttons on sweatpea and finish the last parts of heroine.