Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The new Knitty is up. There is a nice variety of patterns.
The first thing that caught me eye was the fishy hat pattern. These are super cute and some poor victim, I mean family member, is going to get a fishy hat They are super crazy. I have to knit one.

I like the way this one looks, but it's knit on tiny needles and I have way to many sweaters on my list to knit anything on smaller then a 7. I believe it was called surface.

Jordana paige did this next one. It's called amused. This is a top down in the round construction.

I really like the cable on the collar and theneck line. I also think the ribbing on the waist is cute. This might go in my que.

This is the newest pattern from Ann. I always love her patterns. This one I'm not sure about. I think it has dropped stitches along the side but It's hard to tell in the picture. It would be the fastest sweater you ever make, because it's all knit. This one is a maybe.

Then the last pattern I liked was a pair of handwarmers made with cascade 220. Very cute pattern with nice details. I wasn't able to get a pict of that one before knitty went down. That always happens the first day it's up,too many users at once.

Alright then, better go sew the buttons on sweatpea and finish the last parts of heroine.


Blogger Lindsay said...

anyone would be lucky to get the fishy hat...tee hee hee!

11:18 PM  

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