Friday, October 31, 2008

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I think I have picked a project from my new book, boutiqe knits. I'm still not sure which to start first because I have the yarn in my stash for both of these. The first one uses two skiens of manos and has this totally cool handle. It's a horse tackle "thingy" and these really cool "chigaco screws". Thoes items might take some looking for so I will probably go with this other bag first.

This one, I have some cascade that matches some really pretty beads that I have. I think this will be fun to work on.

I am also making a hat for my husbands birthday. This is the habitat hat from brooklyn tweed. I love the yarn, it's kathmandu aran.
So what about the giant felted shoulder bag ? Well, it's no longer giant but it's still VERY large.
Here you get a prefelted picture, and before you ask me if I was drinking when I took the picture, yes I was. I can't seem to get it to rotate and then stay rotated when it's posted?

After felting.....5's still large. I need to trim the threads and insert the zipper. Check out my super cool crocheted strap.

Stefanie Japels new book is out, it's called glam knits. If you were a fan of her last book, fitted knits you will remmeber that in the bag of the book is a picture of Stefanie wearing the coolest sweater. That sweater is in this new book. I love that sweater but I was still not sure if I wanted this new book. I made about 1/3 of the projects in the last book but still I wasn't sure about this book. Why? Because the few pictures that have been posted from this book were not anything that I wanted to wear. I don't like the cover, at all. I don't like the color, the way she's posed so you can't see the garment and the way the garment appears to look. So I didn't preorder the book from Amazon like I do with so many knitting books. I did get a chance to look through this book today and was surprised to see I do like several of the projects. I do not however like the layout or the photography in this book. I might be picky or even cranky today but I fell like it's really hard to see the garments.
That said I do have some fabvorite projects .
This one, a shrug in a worsted weight yarn. I like the back. So often when you see a shrug pattern it either has an odd sag thing happening or it's super short. This has a nice back, and the texture is really pretty. Can you see this knit up in a lovely alpacca worsted, yea I know alpacca stretches but ohhhh wouldn't it be lovely before it stretches out.

This one is interesting to me. I like the sleeves and the ribbing at the waist. I would love to see her standing straight up and I want to see the back.

This one I would make, not just because it happens to call for my favorite yarn in the whole world but because I think it looks like a nice cozy but fitted hoodie. Again though ,I can't see where it really hits her because she is all tilted and twisted. I like the color of this one as well.

This is the Stefanie sweater, from her first book. I love this sweater. I think the collar is funky and the style is different. I love the buttons on the sleeves. The pattern calls for cascade tweed. I'll probably use the taupe/brown cascade I have in my stash.

I won't be started it anytime soon but it is in my que.
I was planning to start Rambling rose from Ik winter 06 but the pattern only comes in size way too small and size enormous. I was trying to cheat with gauge but It's causing lots of stress. So that may not happen.
The fantastic bag on size 2 needles is moving along. I'm only doing a row or two at a time but it's decreasing on every row so I should be able to pick up the pace.
That's all for now, Happy Halloween, Don't eat too much candy.


Blogger Lupie said...

Stefanie Japels is a great designer and can't wait to get the book. Thanks fo rthe peek.
The bag came out awesome!!!!!
Love the yarn you are using for the hat. Can't wait to see it.

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