Thursday, October 16, 2008

thinking out loud

I finished the side panel of the bag. The colors in the picture are way off. It's night time and the lighting makes everything look yellowish. . So far the pattern is really well written. I also have to say I really like this yarn. It's called palette and it's 100% Peruvian Highland wool. It's a fingering weight wool. The colors are very pretty with subtle flecks here and there. I'm really enjoying working with it. It's slightly fuzzy but not much, just enough to help fill out the stitches. The kit came with 17 colors but I believe the yarn comes in 63 different colors.
The next step is to make an icord type ridge by working in rev st st and then picking up 240 stitches from 5 rows down and knitting the two rows together. Now because I'm sure my family does not want to find me sitting in the dark closet muttereing to myself I will be doing this another way. If you pick up each stitch one and a time with a crochet hook and knit the two rows together you get the exact same thing without having to pick up the 240 stitches all at once.
So I'm thinking this is going really well butit is small yarn on tiny needles. You could get the same idea by using cascade 220 or another worsted weight yarn on size 8's and then felt it when your done. It wouldn't have the same "oh my look at thoes lovely tiny stitches" look but it would still be a fantastic bag. You could probably simplify the side by using one solid and one varigated yarn. Just thinking.


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