Monday, September 22, 2008

just rambling mostly

I found a new blog to read the other day, actually I found a few but this one in particular needs to be mentioned because I have to make this scarf. The blog is called Knittywhipped ,you can go check her out and she made this scarf, in red, baby!! Its the boteh scarf it was in one of the Interweaveknits crochet mags. 278 people have made this scarf on Ravelry and I didn't really think too much of it untill I saw hers ,in RED. Love it. Need it, Must make it.

But today my big plans are.....laundry..go to the bank...Knit up to the neck shapping on the vogue sweater, preferebly with a minimal amount of fowl language and frogging. Don't get me wrong the pattern is great it's just that when Vogue magazind decided to edit the pattern they altered some very improtant stuff. It's ok, don't we just love solving puzzles while knitting sweaters.
Then I was thinking I MIGHT think about a list for the holidays. I have two important birthdays in November and then of course Christmas. I would love to have this a "no spend make them all stuff "holiday. But that would cut into my selfish knitting time. So ....I'll think on it.


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