Sunday, September 07, 2008

friends don't let friends drink and knit

So it started out with the discovery of a "little problem" Opps. I purled on the joining round when I should have knitted. Ok, I can probably fix that with having to "frog" my project. I'll just wait till I get there and drop the stitch and pick it up. I can probably figure that out without too much stress.

what a minute... what the heck.....Who messed up my cable? OHHH man...That sucks. I bet it was thoes sewing machines. They have been jealous of the knitting for years. They must have got ahold of the sweater last night while I was asleep and messed up my cable. They probably are the ones who purled my perfect knit stitches. I thought it was odd that I would have made such a stupid error. Yep it was them all right. I would never have done that.

I have to set this aside for now. I am sooo dissapointed.


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