Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have some stress. I have alot of STRESS. I really should be knitting. Knitting is a good stress reliever. I haven't had time to knit though, because I have too many stressfull things to deal with at the moment. If I did have time to knit I would be doing the following projects.

Currently on my needles and in an active stage I have:
The vogue sweater it's #28 in the newest vogue. I think I have been calling it the green cabled sweater. i have the body up to wear the sleeves get joined and one sleeve and 1/3 of a sleeve.

The walk in the Woods. Still working on the back. Please ,please tell me I left a note of where I left off.

The brocade sweater by weaverknits I have about 4 inches or so. I just pulled this out again today to work on it. It's a super easy mindless quick project. This will probably be my knit group project when I get to return to knit group.

Trinity the vest...I have it on hold. No real reason.

I swatched for the "estes vest" in interweave and for the "favorite cardigan" from custom knits.

The red hat for Ginna is a nightmare. I am so confused. I don't know what I did so it's hidding for now. I can't have knitting stress. that would just put me over the edge.

top goals right now are the brocade sweater, and the vogue, just because they are both enjoyable to work on.


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