Sunday, August 31, 2008

No three day weekend for me.

For alot of people this is a three day weekend but for me I have one day off. One day to do , who knows how many loads of laundry, buy groceries, wander the isles of the hardware store with the man of the house, and spend quality family time with Gin, and still knit something. I doubt any knitting will get done. I made brownies after work last night so Gin is pretty happy . I started the laundry first thing this morning so that's on its way. Now it's off to do some shopping. This is the sleeve of the vogue sweater, laying on the partially done body. I would love to get another repeat on the 2nd sleeve done today.
Here we have the brocade sweater. I am the part were you need to start the waist shapping. This is going to knit group this week. I have my fingers crossed that I am going to knit group this week. I could probably get a good portion of it done there.


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