Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dreaming of projects

These are my favorites from the new Twist collection.

The red one is Sylvi, I plan to make it in red cascade chunky.

This green one is Vivian, I have just barely enough Rio De LA Plata in my stash to make this. I have a pretty grey color.

This is sweet pea, Love this and am trying to hunt down another skien of malibrigo chunky. I have 5 skiens of a purple blue color that I think will work.

Then the last picture is the coat I was swatching for in my last post. I have decided that inorder to use my stash in the most efficient fashion I will use the cascade 220 in blue to make this. I need two more skiens. Luckily webs has it so I can order it from them. I still think making this in Malibrigo would be heavenly but I only have half the amount of yarn needed and I really am trying to shop the stash.
Alright then, that's the plan , to bad it's 80 degrees here in sunny california.


Blogger Lupie said...

All the projects look beautiful and funny to made.

2:35 AM  

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