Monday, April 30, 2007

Pattern review SWAP

So earlier this year I participated in the Timmel SWAP (sewing with a purpose) and made a
fall "ish" wardrobe in Browns and turq. Now Pattern review is having a Swap and I think I'm going to make a summer "ish" wardrobe in white, black and either blue or lime green ( to match the cardigan) It will be mostly solids.
I'm looking at these patterns as maybes

I didn't realize untill I posted these that they pretty much match.

I will also use the patterns I bought this weekend at Joanns ( see last post)
There are several variations on the plan. I think I'm going to do one of the dress options so either:
5 tops
4 bottoms
1 dress
1 jacket

5 tops
3 bottoms
2 dresses
1 jacket
I'm feeling like I need the dresses so I'll probably do the 2 dress version.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The weekend just ZOOMED by

This weeknd I went out of town to visit family. My Grandfather lives near a Joanns. YEA!! So I went in and picked up two pattern on sale for $1.99 YEAH. I wais I had more time I would of picked another one but I didn't want to be late. I bought eyelet fabric on sale and a zipper and buttons to make 3877 not the wrap version because that's to similiar to the Mc Calls pattern I made. I think I'm going to make the sleeveless version and make two ties in contrast colors. Then I can accessorise in thoes colors. I also bought 4589 because it's similiar to the shirts I have seen in the fashion magazines for big money and they look so stinking simple to make.
I have a swap package I need to get put together this week for crafster and I'm working everyday so I won't get much sewing done this week. I was hoping to finish knitting my turtleneck tank but I didn't get any knitting done
while I was gone at all. While I was getting caught up on my web cruising I found a fun idea.
Random photos of stuff in your house. So, Toya I had to go take a look. I found this.

Ok maybe that's a normal site but he looked so cute sleeping on G's bed I had to show you.
This is kinda wierd. This is my dinning room corner. Big plant, on a a stool, Under you get Paint, stain, box of cement, paint rollers and my favorute the cat toy. This was were I put all this stuff because I thought we would get to it soon. It's been their since september. Well not the cat toy that moves around.

AHH and my favorite. While In G's room I found this lovely collection. This is her nightstand.
Let's see, Hello Kitty stamp, Nail polish, beads for a new necklace, tape, pencil shavings, mini drawer set, complete with action figure. And lots of other good junk.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I have an idea

I went to the Yarn shop today to knit. They have a knit group on thursdays. Although rarely are the same group of people there. Anyway, I discovered that I need to take something totally simple with no thinking what so ever because I can't think, knit and talk at the same time. I should have taken the two tone shrug but I didn't I took my tank which is totally simple but appently not simple enough because I goofed. So I need to either ignor it or frog it.

While I was at the yarn shop knitting away happy, happy, ( I hadn't discovered my error yet) I got this brilliant idea. ( this is where my friend would say uh oh!!) This is a really great idea.
I'm not going to tell you about it yet but here are some clues:
Two of the 3 yarns in the above picture, a pattern from fitted knits ( that doesn't call for anything even close to that yarn) size 15 needles. I can't wait to get started. First I should probably finish my two tone shrug and figure out what o do about my turtleneck tube vest. ARGH!! Actually first I need to pack for my weekend away.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick one before I head off to lunch and work

So, I tried to like Knit 3 ways, I feel like I gave it a fair chance however I really didn't like this book. I took it back yesterday and Got 200 ripple patterns by Jan Eaton instead. Which I can't find right now, I think someone took it off my desk. That's ok I'm sure it will show up probably with a will you make this note in it.
SO back to knits three ways. The description said " Mix and match elements to create a custome design" I guess I read to much into that. Becuase to me simply changing the yarn you use or the stitch pattern isn't what I had in mind. As far as the patterns go they are either too basic or too odd. There was only one pattern in this whole book that I said ohh that's pretty. For the $32 price tag that wasn't enough for me to keep it. So it went back. I strongly recommend both fitted knits and runway knits. So go buy thoes instead.
I think I'm going to use the soft waves pattern for my ripple blanket. I just need to decide on an enexpensive yarn that is washable, soft and comes in a nice selection of colors.
I practiced my crocheting last night and it's comming back to me. So that's good.
My Dad's taking me to lunch today to celebrate my promotion at work and then I'm off to work. Hey...maybe dad needs to buy me some yarn?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ripple inspiration

Every since I made the chevron scarf from Scarf style. I can't remember what it was really called. I have been fascinated with this stitch. Some people call these wave patterns some call them ripple patterns but whatever you want to call them they are basically a variation of the same thing. Lately I have been seeing these really fun blankets made out of the "ripple " stitch. If you look on flickr you get almost 300 of them.
What a great way to use up thoes odd balls of yarn. Although knowing me I would be out there buying more yarn to go with thoes odd balls. Most of the ones I'm seeing are crochet. I learned to crochet befoer I ever learned to knit but I haven't done it in 13 years and I never learned how to read a pattern. Of course I could knit one of these but I'd rather crochet it. There is even a Ripple along.

So what did I do this weekend?
Saturday I had to work then do house cleaning and cooking.
Sunday I Made some more circular needle cases I plan to put them in my etsy store I just have a few finishing touches to do on them. Then I cast on for the two tone shrug using lion brand wool ease . That's going really fast. I'm already like 7 inches into it. I also cast on for the Jaywalker socks. Then did a swatch for the tank in Rebecca magazine that I mentioned some time ago. During all that knitting I helped G fill out her registration papers for High school ( Scarry) I also thought about how I might make a tribute scrapbook for my Grandfathers 80th Birthday. I need the help of my relatives for the plan I have but I think it would be a wonderful gift.
Today I'm off to a long day at work but I'm taking my knitting along Just in case.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm DONe

Here it is done and shrunk.

Pattern cropped cardigan "without" leaf ties fitted knits

Yarn: cotton ease in lime

It was too big so I tossed it in the wash and then the dryer and it shrunk. I'm really happy. It's still alittle bit too big in the waist but it's pretty good. Next I need to finish my turtleneck vest and then I think I'll do a two tone shrug with some yarn I have.

I was going to give you a review of knit 3 ways but I'm still not sure how I feel about this book so I'm going to spend some more time with it before I post my review.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Book Review: Runway knits

Runway knits is written by Berta Karapetyan, She grew up in Moscow Russia and has been knitting since she was 12. Her family owns the Karabella yarn co. If you have ever knit with Karabella you know what wonderful yarn this is. All the designs in the book use Karabella yarns, maybe that's why they look so wonderful. Or maybe it's the great photography. Or maybe its the beautiful models. Whatever it is this is a very pretty book. One of thoes books that you just have to bring home with you so you can look at it over and over again.
The book has 30 designs ranging in skill level from fairly easy to more advanced. If you are a beginner you will need a reference book becuse there are no basic knitting tips in this book. which I love because I don't need that information and I'd rather they use the pages for more patterns. Each pattern has several pages of information. so, I'm guessing at this point that her instructions are thorough. I won't know for sure untill I try one, but at first glance they look good.
My favorites, the ones I will probably knit first are: The leaf Panelled sweater. ( pg 72)I LOVE this. It's a tank that has a leaf stitch running up the front and along the edges. Love it. I also really like the Cabled Cardigan ( pg 87) very pretty. Other favorites Seashell shrug pg 47, v-neck from page 82, silky turtleneck, the soldier sweater is unusual but I think I like it and the A line jacket is a maybe not loving the enourmous buttons.
Only complaint that I have so far is that she doesn't do a lot of sizes it's S, M. L so if you are not one of them you have to adjust. Maybe I'm getting spoiled with fitted knits, she has several sizes and most projects are knit in the round YEA!! not in runway knits you have to seam, oh well I think it would be worth it some of these are really pretty!!
Overall rating on this book: I'm very happy.

Friday, April 20, 2007

fish and flowers

These were made from Vogue 7354. They could use some pressing. I also should have used a stiffer interfacing . Otherwise I think they are really cute. They would make fun gifts.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I used to scrap.. Dediicated to Toya and Adriene

I'm a very crafty women. My mother was a very crafty women. I remember the whole time I was growing up my mom would be doing some type of craft or another. She took potery classes and did macrame, she knitted and painted, decoupage, she probably tried whatever was "in" at the time. Other things came and went but she always sewed. Usually late at night. We didn't have alot of money when I was little. My mom was 18 when she had me, my Dad 19 so she had to make my clothes and hers but I always had the latest fashions. I never considered sewing to be a craft or a hobby it's something everyone does just like cleaning your house or doing laundry. That's what I thought anyway untill I got older and found out not everyone sews.
I guess I learned to be be crafty and try new things from my Mom ,obviously I learned to sew from her. In high school I made jewelry. I made necklaces and braceletts for all my friends and the females in the family. After high school I learned to quilt. No one in my family knew how to quilt so I thought I'd try it and my Grandmother loved quilts. I fell in love with quilting even though it was "an old lady craft" I got teased and was treated porly in a few quilt shops but I continued to make quilts. When my daughter was born scrapbooking was the "in " thing and since I was taking tons of pictures of my very pretty baby girl I tried it.( I also tried to knit at this time because I thought pregnant women should know how to knit it didn't go well ) I was hooked ON SCRAPBOOKING. I loved scrapbooking and it was quieter then sewing and quilting. I talked my Mom and Aunt into helping me make a 40th anniversery album for my Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Kenny. I got them hooked too. We used to get together and scrap. The album was a huge hit. I continued to quilt and sew especially during the holidays because I was making quilts for Christmas.
I scrapped school events, holidays, vacations, pets, everday stuff, girlscout events and my quilts. My daughter and I put together the best scrapbook from our trip to Savahna Georgia with her Girlscout troop. It took us several months to finish the album but its so perfect. I took it to show everyone. My Grandma Virginia loved it. Then I stopped. No more pages. The paper was put away, embellishments packed in drawers, albums on the shelf some not even done.
Today while listening to Inspirational wed, I started thinking about all the scrapping I did and I tried to figure out what was the last thing I scrapped ,why did I stop ? Adrienne said she can't imagine stopping, I did, why. I have tons of quilts that need to go in my quilt scrapbook. G is almost done with Middle school, did I even finish 6th grade ? All day I've been thinking about it.

I decided to pull out a few scrapbooks and take a picture. Just for fun. Then it hit me. I know why I stopped. In Sept of 04 my Grandma Virginia ( Mom's Mom)was diagnosed with cancer. I named my daughter after her. We were planning our trip to Goergia at the time. My Grandma gave us extra money for the trip, she was so excited for us.
I knew I was going to make an album from the trip when we got home but I also
decided I was going to make an album with the 5 Generation pictures in it. When I was born we had 5 Generations ,then not long after that we had 4. When my daughter was born we had 5 again. My great Grandmother, who just had her 94th birthday is at the top and my daughter 13 is at the bottom. I started pulling out pictures that would work in the album. I had several 5 Generation pictures. It was a tradition that my Grandma Virgina insisted on that we take a 5 generation picture every year or more.

I never started the album my Grandmother passed away from cancer on January 21 2006. Toya talked today about how we scrapbook to rememeber. I didn't want to rememeber. It hurt to much. I haven't done a layout since.

My Grandfather passed away this year but he was on my Dad's side it was hard but not as hard as losing my Grandmother. She loved my quilts and all the things I ever made.

I may not be ready to put together the 5 generation album but I think it might be time to scrap again. Thanks Toya and Adriene for reminding me that I used to scrap.


Today, while listening to inspirational wed. I sewed beads on a fish and then

Rhinestones on a flower or two
I also made this kinda boring bag. Well boring after the above two projects.
This bottom one is the Amy Butler Swing bag. I put stuff in it to get the bag to kinda hang right. I left the sash off but I may go ahead and make it because it is so bland.

More on the above projects later today. when I finish them. ohhh and I have finally finished the sleevs on my cropped cardigan HAPYY DANCE !!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

crazy wednesday

Today was crazy, I had lunch with Mom, ran a couple errands, went to work, cam home took G to the orientation for High School (YIKES ! were starting high school in August), had a late dinner and now finally I can sit down and take my shoes off. Neadless to say no sewing has taken place. What a crazy day. I'll have to wait untill tommorow to down load inspirational wed. Thank goodness I'm off. I plan on being totally lazy and hopefully finally finishing my cropped cardigan from fitted knits. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure it's going to be too big. I made a couple errors when picking the size. First I should have went by my waist measurement rather then my bust because it really doesn't cross the bust but it needs to close a the waist. Problem is my waist is significantely smaller then my bust so I needed to make the smallest size. 2nd I didn't even make the size I intended to because when I went through and circledthe numbers for the size I was going to make I circled the wrong numbers. HELLO !! what was I drinking?
So it' sgoing to be too big, I'm pretty sure. So what am I going to do? The way I look at it here are my choices:
1. Rip it out and knit it again ( are you nuts? Not going to happen)
2. Wear it anyway ( could happen, probably won't)
3. Give it to a friend who's larger then me ( most likely, this is what I'll do)

I'm tired of looking at it and ready to move on to the turtleneck tube vest. I have also seen several really cute two tone shrugs but I'm wondering how this looks on a women with a bust. Don't you wish that knitting books told you the measurements of the model wearing the garment? Really a shrug is going to look much different on a women with a 32 bust ( or smaller)compared to a 36 bust right?

Monday, April 16, 2007

sewing block

ARgh ! I need help. I have sewing block. Is that even a word ? Writers get writers block . I would think a sewer could get sewers block. It's not that I don't know what to make it's that I can't seem to get back into sewing. I have a few things that need to be finished and several things I'd like to make I just feel stuck. Since I started the pattern stash reduction contest last month I've made 18 items for the contest and 2 that didn't qualify. That's a lot of sewing. But since my grandfather passed away I just haven't been able to get back into my regular routine.
I need to sew, It's what I do, it makes me happy. So why can't I seem to do it? I thought when I made the bag last week It would help to get me going again but it hasn't.
Any advice out there? I can't be the only one this has happened too.

Friday, April 13, 2007

lazy friday night

My knitting companion and I spent friday night working on the cardigan from fitted knits.

The directions for this cardigan have you work the sleeves flat but I found that doing this was causing a lot of strain on thoes first body stitches under the sleeve stitches. I was worried that by the time I finished the sleeve the stitches would be so stretched out I wouldn't be able to fix them during the seaming up step.
I decided to switch to 16 inch circulars and knit in the round. I'm really glad I did. I can knit faster and now I'm not causing any strain on the body stitches. I'm not sure why you would want to knit them flat anyway. I guess if it's a problem I'll find out soon enough, I'm almost done with the first sleeve.

I did also find an error in the pattern ,in the stitch count while working on the body. I will have to check my note and post it. It doesn't really matter anywhere, except when your checking your count to see if you did all the increases.

some sewing going on

I decided to make a new bag to carry my current knitting project in. This is Butterick 4532 it's a pattern from my stash so I'll have to check and see if it's OOP when I do the PR review.
It's a super easy and quick bag. I would totally recommend it. I made mine taller so that it will hold my fitted knits book.
The front print is a large pocket, there is another one just like it on the back.
DD was nice enough to offer to hold it for a photo or two.
Hopefully I'll get some more sewing done this weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Socks or no socks

So there are two types of knitters in the world, thoes who knit socks and thoes who don't.
I was once one of thoes who don't.

I use to say " are you crazy why would I want to knit socks ? Look at how small thoes needles are, that's going to take forever and it looks too hard. I'm really picky about my socks anyway.

I'm not sure what happen but I do know that it started as a challenge and I'm not one to turn my back on this kind of a challenge.
I was told by an older cranky women that you are not truly a kniter untill you have learned to knit a sock and that if I wasn't skilled enough to make a sock she understood, I'd get better eventually.
I was so irritated , ok pissed off , that I went home and decided I was going to show that "nasty old bat". I searched the web for a good basic sock pattern. My first sock was made out of worsted weight on size 5's.
It turned out looking exactly like a sock and it fit. I was so excited. Actually it was when I turned the heel on that first sock that I was excited.
It's the crazyest thing ,your knitting along and next thing you know you have this heel. That's when I was hooked ! Now just between you and me I never did make the 2nd sock to that first sock.
I went out and bought very pretty sock yarn and tiny needles. I was then a knitter who knits socks.

So for all of you non sock knitters be carefully there is a whole army of sock knitters out there waiting to lure you in and once your in your in. Except for maybe a few who seem to be able to knit a pair and then never do it again.

So how is the 52 pair KAL going ? It's day 12 and well, one lady is on her 5th pair, me I haven't finished the pair I started on the 1st. That's ok, It sure is fun to watch !!

On that note don't you love these ? I do they are so pretty. I'm going to make these if I ever finish the other ones.


This is my turtleneck tube vest from Fitted knits. Apparently I goofed. I was knitting last night while watching LOST and I didn't think to stop and look at it after casting on. This morning I picked it up and realized I could almost wear the neck portion as a tube top. Luckily I hadn't gotten very far yet so frogging wasn't too terrible. In my haste to start this project I had grabbed the wrong 16 inch needle and was knitting a 20 inch neck. You would think I would have noticed that last night but I didn't. OPPS !! It'a a pretty color though don't you think.

This is how Sydney spent his day. Wouldn't you love to be a cat. I bet he's dreaming about knitting needles. He loves them. He doesn't care about yarn just the needles and any pen or pencil you might be using.
off to RE cast on the 108 stitches for my turtleneck tube vest.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cast offs a book review

So to distract you from the fact that I don't have any finished projects to show or talk about I'm going to do a book review. In fact I could blame my lack of finished projects on this book really. All I have been doing besides the normal job life stuff is knitting my fitted knits project and reading.
I have read all of Stephanie Pearl-Mcphees books and in fact except for the first one I have preordered them so that I would be sure to get it right away. I started reading her Blog before she even had a book. I love her books. The first one At knits end was so unlike anything I had ever read before. I laughed and laughed, here was a women who wrote about all the things we knitters think but never say. Her 2nd book was similar to the first but it had patterns as well. I made two of them and in fact have a pair of socks on the needled using her sock pattern. we won't talk about that though, were not speaking at the moment. I've had to move on to another sock project. The newest book Cast offs is a travel guide into the world of knitting. It's broken down into sections for example population, the different types of knitters, Gathering places, where should you knit and not knit. History oh.. this was fun she has some unusual little bit of history here. Heath issues in the land of knitting,
Just the other day I was talking about my case of Startitis it turns out that's a common health problem for knitters as well as Finish-it-upitis( I have never had this disease but sure would like to) how about Second sock syndrom or Yarnesia. The book is full of fun little lists, letters from a new knitter to her Mom and others, silly things that we do or think, or things that non knitters might find strange. If you have enjoyed her last books this one is more of her same style and humor. If your looking for a book on knitting patterns or how to 's don't buy this book none of the information is really new
but if you would like a fun book that points out the knitting world and gives you a laugh here and there buy it. It's also visually fun to look at. So I raise my needles to the yarn harlot and say grab the book, put on some knitted socks, and have an enjoyable read.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

happy easter

I Hope everyone is having a nice Easter or if your not an Easter person a nice sunday.
Here is my Cropped cardigan wiith leaf ties. I'm working on the body. I thought I was going to be done but I took some time to work on knitting up a pair of socks for the 52 pair KAL. Looks like I'm already behind and it's only the end of the first week. That's ok I'll make up for it later. It's hard to knit socks when your anxious to wear some cute new spring shoes.

My cardigan is in cotton Ease "lime" and I'm getting gauge perfectly on size 8's.
Here is my pink robe Kwik sew 3350. ( It's big) It looks pretty good considering all the stupid mistakes I made while sewing it. I don't sew well when I have alot on my mind. I can knit but not sew.
You can see some Easter fun on the floor there. Thoes were some of G's Easter goodies this year. She is still missing two eggs. I guess I should of made myself alittle note about where I hid each one.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I can't be the only one

First I want to say thank you to everyone for all the kind words and the emails it ment a lot to me, Thank you.

I ususally listen to Inspirational wednesday on thursdays because I'm off on thursdays but this week I ended up staying up late on tuesday so I listen to it then instead. I was working on my cropped cardigan from fitted kits and sitting all confy in my chair when they pulled the name of the winner for the drawing. Imagine my surprise when they announced that Stephaniesews won the drawing. Hey... that's me..No way.. So I emailed Toya and I'll be getting a package in the mail. How cool is that.
Next week they will be reviewing another knitting book "knitting 3 ways" I looked at this one on Amazon but wanted to wait untill I could actually look inside the book. So I'll be anxious to hear what they have to say.
Now, about the title of todays post. I am knitting the cropped cardigan from fitted knits and it's going pretty fast but it's boring so although it is perfect for TV knitting and waiting for something knitting it's not great "knitting time" knitting. So I wanted to start another project so I can switch back and forth and the socks don't count because they are sock knitting not knitting, knitting. If you are not a knitter you probably have decided I'm a total nut by now but if you are you get what I'm saying. Oh unless of course you are one OF THOES knitters wh0 only does one project at a time and then well...You should probably stop reading.. anyway I decided I wanted to get yarn for the " boatneck bluebell" from Fitted knits.
I was lucky enough to be asked to work at the other site location for work one day this week and it happens to be down the street from a Yarn store. I went in with my book and my money I had a plan and I was focused. Then I saw it, I was pulled in by it, I was inspired by it, I was in love with it, a capped sleeve cabled sweater in the softest yarn. I had to find the pattern, I needed to see the yarn. While I was hunting down this new must have project I was sidetracked bythe prettest sock yarn it was Lion and lamb of course. After picking the perfect color I continued on the hunt. The pattern is from REBBECCA magazine I love this magazine but it's a bit pricey so I only buy it once in awhile. This is a good issue though. It took awhile but I did finally find the sweater in te magazine, there is a tiny picture of it center shot the picture is not at all good but the sweater and the yarn are perfect. The yarn shop had the exact yarn they used. I picked a different color.

Then my favorite yarn shop moved this week and I promised my friend who owns it that I would pop in on thursday I still wanted to see if I could find something for the boatneck bluebell although I wasn't in any hurry now.

I clearly need to stay out of yarn stores when I have a case of "startitis" or maybe I caught it in the yarn store. But either way I came home with another pattern it's called ANSTRUTHER and it's by Dyed in the woods. This pattern is going to take some figuring because it's way to big for me. The small is a 40 bust and I am nowhere near that but I love the style of it. I also found some lambs pride fleece for the perfect tank from fitted knits. Remmeber my original plan, I wanted something for the perfect tank. Am I the only one? I went into the yarn shop with one project in mind. Three days later I now have hmmmm lets see 3 sweaters and a pair of socks planned out plus the sweater and socks on the needles and I never did find yarn for the boatneck bluebell. I'm going to be knitting alot this spring.

In sewing news: I bought Vogue 8379 I think I have fabric in my stash for this. I haven't done any work on M5337. I am washing terry from my stash for a robe Kwik sew 3350. I hope this is a quick sew because I need one of thoes super quick sewing projects that gets you going again.
Spring break started today so I won't be working much next week. I plan to get alot of sewing done.

I recieved Cast off by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee today from Amazon. I have read all her books and this is the newest. I will give a review when I'm done or maybe even before.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A time out

My Grandfather passed away last night.
My blog will be quiet for a couple days.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April 1st a day for starting stuff

Today is April first which happens to be the starting date for te 2 knitalongs I joined recently.
So I cast on for the cropped cardigan with leaf ties from Fitted knits (page 58) I'm using cotton ease in Lime. It's a cotton, acrylic blend. I had to use an 8 to get gauge. I wanted something inexpensive and washable that I can wear over tanks this summer and not have to worry about the washing. I think thisproject is goin to knit up pretty quick. When this one is done I want to make the textured tunic out of a nice yarn but I may make another of the summery projects first.

I also cast on a pair of socks for the 52 challenge. I am using a yarn harlot pattern from "knitting rules" and I don't know what the yarn is it's missing it's band. I am using sixe 2.75 needles. Tiny needles campared to the 8's for the other project. I'm thinking next pair, big needles worsted weight yarn and baby socks.

In the sewing world I cut out McCalls 5337 and I don't have enough fabric so I need to buy something that will go with it.
I also finally found my bead supplies so I'm goin to make some jewerly this month.
But for nowI'm trying to help G with all her school projects. This wee she has a poem to write and a mousetrap car to build. Neither of which sound like fun to me or her so it's going to take some fresh baked cookies to help us get motivated.