Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cast offs a book review

So to distract you from the fact that I don't have any finished projects to show or talk about I'm going to do a book review. In fact I could blame my lack of finished projects on this book really. All I have been doing besides the normal job life stuff is knitting my fitted knits project and reading.
I have read all of Stephanie Pearl-Mcphees books and in fact except for the first one I have preordered them so that I would be sure to get it right away. I started reading her Blog before she even had a book. I love her books. The first one At knits end was so unlike anything I had ever read before. I laughed and laughed, here was a women who wrote about all the things we knitters think but never say. Her 2nd book was similar to the first but it had patterns as well. I made two of them and in fact have a pair of socks on the needled using her sock pattern. we won't talk about that though, were not speaking at the moment. I've had to move on to another sock project. The newest book Cast offs is a travel guide into the world of knitting. It's broken down into sections for example population, the different types of knitters, Gathering places, where should you knit and not knit. History oh.. this was fun she has some unusual little bit of history here. Heath issues in the land of knitting,
Just the other day I was talking about my case of Startitis it turns out that's a common health problem for knitters as well as Finish-it-upitis( I have never had this disease but sure would like to) how about Second sock syndrom or Yarnesia. The book is full of fun little lists, letters from a new knitter to her Mom and others, silly things that we do or think, or things that non knitters might find strange. If you have enjoyed her last books this one is more of her same style and humor. If your looking for a book on knitting patterns or how to 's don't buy this book none of the information is really new
but if you would like a fun book that points out the knitting world and gives you a laugh here and there buy it. It's also visually fun to look at. So I raise my needles to the yarn harlot and say grab the book, put on some knitted socks, and have an enjoyable read.


Blogger Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I ordered this and can't wait to read it! LOL

6:55 AM  
Blogger Toya said...

good review and I'm sure it is a good read, she is a good writer!

8:20 AM  

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