Thursday, March 29, 2007

oh my gosh what happen to the week?

Was it really Monday when I last posted. Where did the week go. This working two jobs is really getting in the way of my goofing off.

So hmmmm. I have a couple of sewing projects started but nothing exciting. I want to start McCalls 5337 but after watching the pattern get burned on inspirational wed I'm not as excited about it.(more on inspirational wed later)
Today was my mom's birthday so we went shopping, I was really looking for some fun spring sandals or shoes to wear with skirts and capris. I didn't find anything that was both cute and comfortable so no new shoes today.
I finished my swatch for my fitted knits project so I think I will be ready for the knitalong on the first.
I also joined the 52 pair Knitalong because I am totally crazy. This means that somewhere in my mind I truly believe that I , the worlds slowest sock knitter can actually knit 52 pairs of socks in a year. I know what your thinking THAT's CRAZY. I need to find out if UFO's count because not only am I slow but I usually only finish one sock before I get tired of it and move onto something else.
See, I'm totally crazy.
I recieved the absolute coolest bracelet from the sweat shope swap on crafster. It's a charm braclet from Rain staorms and it's so cool that I have been trying to figure out how she made it so that I can make some like it. Problem is I can't find my box of bead stuff. It's driving me crazy, where did I put it?? Under the fabric maybe??
I had to wait untill today to listen to INSPIRATIONAL WEDNESDAY. and then my cumputer decided it was going to do something else so it shut the podcast off, so I still need to go back and listen to the end but I wanted to update my blog first.
Inspirational wednesday, which I have mentioned before is a podcast done by Adrianne and Toya. They talk about knitting, sewing, scrapbooking and other stuff, they also interview people and point out good blogs and other worthy information. The thing I like about listening to them is that they are so upbeat and friendly. You have two friends who are just having a good time talking about what they are up to that week. It's always positive and honest. I really enjoy listening o what they have to say. It also helps that they always seem to pick patterns and books that I have also picked so I get to hear what they think about them. I usually sew while I'm listening to them but today I was knitting, because I wanted to stop and look through the fitted knits book while they talked about it.
It's just a fun thing to listen to when your taking a moment out of the busy day for yourself. This week they decided to burn a pattern that was giving them fits. I think one pattern was a knitting pattern and then I think it was Toya who decided to burn the McCalls pattern that I was planning to make. It's like a finishing or washing your hands to it. I have a couple of patterns that should be burned or at the very least thown away. They have also decided not to buy any new fabric untill they complete 5 projects. So I'm going to jump in and try that as well. After all I just got fabric last week from Fabric Mart so that should be easy. ( I still need to take pictures).


Blogger Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Thanks for the shoutout! Glad you are liking IW! Good luck with that pattern! It gave Toya fits! And dont' you just LOVE fitted knits! I can not WAIT to cast on my turtleneck on the 1st! YAY! lol

7:16 PM  
Blogger Toya said...

YAY,,, thanks so much Steph, thanks for the review, Adrienne and I try to be ourselves so you can feel like you in the room with out, You are a crazy lady for joining the 52 sock knit along,, I love it, I can't wait to see your progress and fitted knits is such a good book, I'm happy you decided to get it. If the M5337 works for you, it will have redeemed itself in my book, tee hee
take care

2:37 AM  

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