Sunday, March 18, 2007

weekends are not long enough

First, Thank you for the complements onmy needle holder. It was so much fun to make. I think I'll make another one. I have also been looking for other fun little projects that I can use lots of fabrics and ribbons on.
This weekend I was going to make the kimono robe from the Amy Butler book but instead I decided to use this robe pattern I have had for, who knows how long. Simplicity 4319. I made the robe and the shorts. I made them for G, so tonight after she gets cleaned up and ready for bed I'll take her picture in them.
I also made these super easy easy hats from Kwik sew 2996. Oh my gosh I don't even think they took 30 minutes to make. This would be a good project for someone who is first learning to sew. I'll get a picture of thoes too, they were also for G.
Then I made something for me, kwik sew 3337. I need to hem it though.

So how's the pattern diet going ? well, I ordered a hoodie pattern on friday and today I some how came home with McCalls 5390. I have decided the hoodie pattern doesn't count because it's not from the big pattern company and the mccalls was an emergency pattern. What kind of emergency envolved a new skirt pattern ? I don't know but I'll think of something.


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