Sunday, March 04, 2007

sewing goals

Last week Stacy at Stacy sews posted a sewing goal. I thought this was a good idea, it keeps you focused and reminds you of what you should be doing rather then what you want to be doing.
I had posted on her blog that I wanted to finish the white Simplicity top 3867 (UFO) and tract the jalie top as well as finish the blue wrap top that I was working on. Well, I didn't do to bad. I looked at the white top then put it back in the pile but, not only did I trace the Jalie pattern I finished all but the hem. Then the wrap top is also done except for the hem.
So, for this week I need to hem.
I think I started the jalie t-shirt on the first. I'll have to go check. If I did it counts towards pattern stash.
I'm thinking this week I might take a short rest from SWAP sewing, I'm almost done anyway.
Id really like to make a dress. I'll either do the Banana republic knock off or the McCalls wrap dress.
I also whant to get a etsy shop set up.

OHHHH maybe I'll start a quilt instead.


Blogger Stacy said...

You should do an etsy - although, my paypal acct. might not like it!

3:12 PM  

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