Thursday, February 22, 2007

So yesterday, I had to pick G up at school because she wasn't feeling well. This morning 4 am I came down with the same stomach flu that she had yesterday. My husband als ostayed home from work today but I think it was mostly to care for the two of us. Being sick
has pretty much cancelled out all my plans for today. I was hoping to go out and watch The Tour Of California, pass my house as well as finish up my white simplity sew stylish shirt ( I forget the #, it's in a previous post) I was also going to write up reviews for my finished skirt, pants, jacket and top. Instead I am sitting on the couchand sleeping mostly. I am taking a few minutes to see what's happening in the world and was happy to see so many people are posting sewing room pictures. It's fun to see where everyone sews.


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