Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sew stylish magazine review

One of my newest sewing projects uses a new simplicity pattern from the sew stylish series. This set of patterns is designed to go with the new Magazine from threads. I had originally seen the advertisement in threads magazine and thought this was going to be a special publication, but after purchasing the magazine it looks like they plan on this being a regular publication.
I have been sewing for most of my life and have already on several occations said "hey that's a good idea" and I haven't even finished reading the magazine. There are lots of little tips that maybe I never knew or things that I was taught but had forgotten. This would be extremely helpful to someone who is new to sewing. Do you need to know how to hem, press or install a zipper. They have an article on each. How about hand stitches, sewing darts or buttonholes they have thoes too.
The magazine has several projects that they call "How to get the runway look" there is a handbag and a jacket a dress and I think a pair of pants. They also have projects in the starting to sew catagory that are super quick projects.
Overall I would say, I'm happy with the magazine and I will buy the next issue as well. I probably wont make any of the projects, although I might. I will take the tips from them and use them in my own sewing. I think every new sewer should buy this magaizine and I think there are enough handy tips in it that experianced sewers will find something as well.
I also was kinda excited to see the pattern I am working on is right on the cover and they didn't even use the tie.


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