Tuesday, February 06, 2007

read the envelope CAREFULLY

On Super Bowl sunday I started Kwik Sew 2895 (Denim Jacket in a striped fabric from EOS). I would have finished it on sunday too if I hadn't run out of topstitching thread. Who would have though it would take so much? It's done now. I just need to post a picture and write a review forPR.
I also washed and cut out the fabric for Simplicty 3867. Here is where todays title comes in. Because I have been sewing for a long time, and I used to work in a fabric store I get a little over confidant and so I often just glance at the envelope. Ususally this isn't a problem, you find the fabric amount for your size, you make sure you don't need any unusual notions, maybe get some thread and then run home to start your new favorite project. Well, Simplicity 3867 uses a contrast fabric for that tie on the top. I didn't notice that, otherwise I would have bought more fabric so I could make the tie. So, Stephanie's sewing tip for this month is "READ THE ENVELOPE CAREFULLY"
I also cut out Simplicity 3828 using the faux leather I bought at Joanns. I need to get a needle before I can start this one.
Hopefully I will get some finished pict's up here tommorow.
For now I'm off to go find where the cat hid my seam ripper. I can't figure out why he keeps stealing it? Is my cat the only one who does that?


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