Friday, February 02, 2007

Wondering through the internet

I was watching uncommen threads last week and they were making a knitting bucket out of a pair of Jeans. I was thinking " I've seen that before maybe I have been to her blog" I was write I have so I was checking it out today to see what other things has she made.
Here are a couple of fun thing.
Do you want something quick and easy to make try these. There from Split yarn. Or how about
these. I can see G and her friends wearing these with their favorite Anime/ Mange charachters in them. There is no tutorial for these writs bands but I think you could figure it out. I t looks like two pieces of denim sandwiched together. I'm thinking for the image you could use a plain cotton and use the image transfer paper that Stacy used on her PJ's. I'll have to go bug Stacy and find out how that worked. I think she probably has all the details on her Blog.
Then just sew them together and snap.

I went to the fabric store today to get thread, interfacing, and more pins ( where do they go?) and was surprised to see they were having a huge sale. Lots of $1 a yard fabric but nothing I liked. I did get some $3 corduroy and a nice black/grey denim. Then I got two Knits that were $2 a yard. I also had the oportunity to look at the new simplicity patterns. Some of them look much better in the catalog. I came home with 3828 the bg from yesterdays post as well as 3867 which I never would have picked from the website but in the catalog The white shirt is really cute. This one is part of the new Sewstylish line that threads is comming out with. They have a special magazine due out after Valentines day that I'm looking forward to checking out.
Hopefully this weekend I will get some sewing done. Hope everyone has a productive weekend.


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