Thursday, February 01, 2007


I spent all day cleaning out my closet. I had planned on working on the closet this morning and then sewing after lunch but... After I finished in the closet I decided to clean out the dresser and that led to the chest of drawers which led to the sweaters and well you get the idea. I lost alot of weight last year and so I had a ton of clother that were too big. I wanted to clean things out before I finish SWAP.That way I know what else I should sew. It was funny to see what colors I tend to buy. I always thought I had a wide variety of colors but really, 90% of my clothes fit in one of 3 color ways. I love how organized everything is now. I did have several things that I LOVE but they don't fit. I still couldn't stand to get rid of them so I set them aside to think about. Then while I was at PR I saw that they have a new contest starting "recycle reuse" So, now I'm thinking maybe I should try to make them into something else. After all it's realy the fabric I love in most cases not the actual garment.

Today I see that the new Simplicity patterns are up. I really like this purse pattern 3828
And I think I might get 3833 as well. I know what your thinking but I think it's really fun. My Mom probably made a ton of thoes in the 60's. She used to sew all her clothes. You could make it in a nice calm fabric and it would'nt be so retro.
I really don't nee anymore patterns right now.


Blogger schlyer said...

I like the black version of that bag pattern. I may have to give it a closer look next time I go to Joanns.

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