Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jacket for SWAP mabe?

So this afternoon I used this Fabric ( stripe) to cut out this pattern.( Kwik sew). I was having a hard time deciding on what size to cut because there were several review that said it was too big and some that said it was too small. I looked at the pattern pieces for the measurements and was going by that but then went ahead and made the bigger size. I want to be able to wear layers underneath it. I could always take in the side seams a bit if I need too.
I might use this for SWAP if it turns out well. It matches everything except the plaid skirt, you know the one from yesterday. It's still in pieces.

Awhile ago I bought this fbric. I loved it when I saw it. It's totally funky. It's a stretch twill, denim weight. I still love it but I have since then chickened out of making it into anything. It's such a big print in such a crazy color combo. Today after starting my denim jacket I started to think about this fabric. Maybe I could use it to make another jacket if this one turns out. Maybe if I cut the fabric up It wouldn't be so WOW. I also though that maybe a skirt would be better then I could tone it down with a solid tee. I still really love this fabric but.....will I wear it?


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