Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm so behind.

I had a nice weekend but now I'm behind on everything. I'll have to really be productive this week and get caught up. First a huge giant Thank you to Stacy , (she knows why.) I have the perfect fabric for this.

Now while I was gone this weekend some patterns and fabric followed me home.
New Look 6674, 6407 and Simplicity 4500 and 4698. 4698 doesn't count though because my mom actually bought that one. She wants me to make her a jacket I'll post pict's tommorow.
I bought this totally fun faux leather embroidered fabric that I love. i'm going to make a bag out of it but haven't decided on the style yet. I also found a great wool blend that will make a fantastic pair of pants. Then there was the suade like teal fabric that is perfect for a SWAP top and the fabric with the emboidered edge perfect for a skirt. The best part was everything was 70% off so I didn't pay more then $4 a yard on anything.
Then my order from Emma one sock came and it's so much better then I thought. I LOOVVEE her fabric. So I may be making some changes to my swap plan. I sure hope I don't get tired of these colors before I actually wear the clothes.
Pictures tommorow ad hopefully some sewing and knitting time.


Blogger schlyer said...

You're very welcome! Enjoy!!!

What did you order from Emma One Sock? I've been contemplating a few fabrics from there and have been resisting temptation - I may not be able to hold back for much longer!

10:37 AM  

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