Saturday, January 06, 2007

sewing and reading

I have been cutting out prjects and knitting projects like crazy bu I have not finished much. I have been working on my version of this skirt
Now I just need to find some buttons for it. You would thnk it would be easy to find big brown plastic buttons right? Nope. So that's on hold.
I guess I could leave off the buttons but to be honest that was my favorite part of the skirt. I also have been working on a pattern for my RTW knock off jacket for PR. I think I have come up with a good plan. I have changed a few things and I'm having 2nd thought about the ruffles. Do I really want to wear ruffles? I could always make them, and lay it out then decide before I sew them on.

I purchased the new Threads magazine today it has some great articles in it. How to copy your favorite garments, Runway inspired designs, how to use a simple pattern and get different looks.
I also bought the new Vogue knitting because I fell in love with the shrug on the cover. I love the look of multiple cables.
I really don't need to start any new knitting projects. I have to finish the touch me scarf and the knitted cat bed before I start anything else.

I have been knitting while I watch the Project runway series 2 DVD's I get from Netflix. It's amazing how much knitting a person can do when glued to the TV.
Now to decide on the biggest challenge of the day.. What's for Dinner?


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