Wednesday, December 27, 2006

time to get ready for a new year

Here are some of the Christmas goodies I recieved. I will be sitting around and reading whenever I get the chance. The new Interwieve knits has a sweater from Kate Gilbert that I love!! I really want to knit that. After finishing Grandpa's scarf I decided to start another knitting project so I started Vintage velvet from The scarf style book. The yarn is to die for and it's knitting up pretty quick.
I have a few finishing touches to do on my 2nd messenger bag. I haven't been working on it because of all the after holiday stuff I needed to take care of. I hope to get my machine back out this week.
I need to start sewing for SWAP in January. I was looking for a jacket still for it. I thought I wanted to make a long coat but after trying them on in the stores I don't think I would get much use out of one. I wear jackets all year long but Never really wear a coat. It just doesn't get that cold here very often. I was looking at sites on line for inspiration and found 2 jackets here that I thought might be fun. They are completly different from each other.
I'm thinking either the orange jacket( not in orange) or the Hulda jacket . I like the fabric combination of the orange jacket, velvety and the satiny I would use either brown or turq to match SWAP. I like the Hulda jacket for it's buttons and the simplicity of it. AHHH what to do what to do. I guess the real trick will be in finding a pattern that works well for one of them and then fabric. I signed up for the RTW knock off contest at PR. I figure if I'm sewing it anyway why not have some extra support and encouragment. G goes back to school on the 2nd untill then we are focused on her, finishing her science fair project and some math homework that isn't going well.


Blogger schlyer said...

I love all your new books, you're going to be so busy reading them! OOOOOh, I can't wait to see your second bag! It is going to look fantastic (I just love that fabric).

If I had to pick between two jackets, I'd pick the orange one. I love that style!
-Stacy (stacysews)

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