Saturday, December 16, 2006


Missing, one female side of a snap. Last seen sitting in my pin box. That was before I moved it to a better place so that I wouldn't lose it. ARGHH.
I worked on Grandmas quilt today and almost finished so I decided to work on my messenger bag. That's when I realized I lost the other half of the snap. I am done with all the pieces. I just need to get or find that snap so I can finish putting it all together. It weights a ton. I think I'll weight it when it's done just to see.
I am going to make another one but with Quilting cotton. I used cordoroy for the base and cotton for the pockets but with the canvas in it, it's really heavy. I can only imagine how heavy it will be all loaded up. I have a couple of cool black and white prints I want to use with a color to splash it up. Maybe I will use magenta or lime green. The zippers will be in the contrast color as well. I also am thinking about using a heavy interfacing instead of the canvas although I probably have enough canvas left over from this one to make another.
I think I may have made a mistake on the hanging pocket. I either read it wrong or misunderstood what she said. I managed to make it look like the picture but it still seems wrong. I will be interested to hear what others say about this pattern.
I should be able to finish and post photos on Monday.


Blogger schlyer said...

I can't wait to see it! Does it sew up fast? I would like to start on it, but am getting (slightly) distracted by some other patterns that have been calling my name - ooooh, if I just had more time to sew it all!

-Stacy (stacysews)

11:51 AM  

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