Sunday, December 03, 2006

messenger bag

So after spending a good part of the day working on the last quilt for Christmas I decided I needed a breck from christmas sewing. I started the new messenger bag buy Amy Butler.
It took forever to cut out all the pieces. I did make it a bit more complicated by using several different fabrics instead of just two. I wanted to use some of my favorite scraps to make this one. I also really wanted to use up some of my fabric stash.
The first picture shows all the pieces cut and labeled. I went through and laid them all out so that I could check the list to make sure I wasn't missing anything. You have to use the same pattern pieces for several different parts. You fold them here and there to get the other sizes so it's easy to miss something. I think when I do my next one I will make a list of the actual sizes and rotary cut all the pieces. The 2nd picture is a close up of a couple of the fabrics so that you can get a feel for what I am using. My main fabric is a dark blue cordoroy, wide wale that I really like. I made a newsboy hat out of it last month. I don't have any canvas, she has you use canvas for the interlining so I will have to go get some before I can keep going. I added a step by fusing wonder under on to the backs of all the pieces that get canvas. I will cut the canvas down eliminating the seam allowances so that I don't have all that bulk. I also won't have to baste all the pieces this way. I also need to get the 3 zippers. I didn't have any that would match.
I also think it would be fun to add a cool button to the tab.
Sewing plans for Monday:
get supplies for messenger bag and cut out canvas
work on Grandmas quilt
Plan stockings for Sydney and Dusty, look in stash for fabric,
Maybe.....G"s Pj bottoms (*this can wait.*)
I can tell already this list is to long for the little time I will have on Monday, but that's ok.


Blogger schlyer said...

I just cut the messenger bag out today and thought of your post - wow! That's a whole lot of cutting going on for this bag. I used a rotary cutter, but just slid the pieces underneath it (some of the sizes just seemed strange and I didn't care to think too hard) to cut.

I did find that I didn't need quite as much canvas (or lining fabric) as what the pattern envelope suggested).

Stacy (stacysews)

11:16 AM  

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