Saturday, November 25, 2006

That wasn't on the list

While I was out shopping today I found a fabric for my La Rue bag from Hot Patterns. (I am hosting a sewalong on Pattern Review for anyone who is interested). Anyway I was out shopping with my DH who wanted to take part in some of the holiday deal shopping and I was determined to stick to my list and not get caught up in the moment. I did pretty good except for this guy, who was not on the list but I just had to bring him home. He is a 5 1/2 month old male tabby. We adopted him from the adopt a cat/kitten people who had a booth set up near one of the big box stores. I hope that he and our young female will get along ok. She is my sewing companion.
O.k. enough of the cat talk. I hope to have a photo of my swap board up by MOnday.
I started a quilt last night (christmas gift) the top is almost done so I'll get that photo up as well.
I also bought a new book." Make your own dress patterns by Adele Margolis. Oh and I bought Fit for real people last week. I want to make a sloper. I will be reviewing these two books on Pattern Review.


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