Friday, December 15, 2006


There is not alot of time left to get Christmas done. I was ahead for ahile but it didn't take long for me to get behind.
All my gifts are bought and wrapped but I still need to finish sewing a few things.
1. I was making a jacket for my mom but the sizing is turning out to be wrong so I need to cut it down. I am thinking I may actually have her try it on and then make the adjustments but I really wanted to finish it before she saw it. I don't know??
2. I need to finish one hem on the blue apron and start a Christmas apron
3. Grandma's quilt needs some serious time pu into it. I am no where near being done with that one. I just don't feel like working on it.
4. Christmas stockings and ornaments. This is a project I will work on next week with G. She will be out of school then and this is our Holiday craft project. We are going to make the Owl ornaments that Stacy posted a link for on her blog. I am also thinking of having G draw pictures of the two cats to use as patterns for ornaments.
5. I wanted to make DH a hat but this may have to wait untill after Christmas.
So that looks like a lot for a week doesn't it. But if I can stay away from working on the messenger bag and not add anything else I may be able to do it.
Hopefully the next post will have lots of fnished photos.


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