Thursday, December 21, 2006

just say no

So, my Mom called today. My grandfather lost his scarf and it would be really great if I would knit him a new one for Christmas. Now what I should have said was " Mom it's Thursday Christmas is on Monday. Today I have to finish the quilt for my other Grandma, have Dinner with the father in law, Sunday we have a Christmas party and Monday is Christmas. I can't knit a scarf in time for Monday" But instead I said " ummmm what color should it be?"
Mom said ohh a nice beige or grey and it shouldn't be too heavy and big it should be one of thoes nice tightly knit ones that he can wrap around his neck.
What my Mom doesn't realize it that Big and chunky means big needles and a couple hours of sewing, tightly woven is little needles, expensive yarn and days of knitting. Don't get me rong I love my Grandfather dearly and would love to make him another scarf but
I should have said NO, I can't do it.
The up side is that this moment of "oh my gosh I can't believe I didn't say no" has scarred me into high gear and Grandmas quilt is DONE. And all the presents are wrapped. So now I guess I will take a few minutes to look through my knitting books and decided how much and what type of yarn to go buy tommorow. If only I could knit in my sleep.


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