Wednesday, January 10, 2007

washing and reading

Today, I am prewashing fabrics and reading books and blogs. I am going to start on a jacket that I forgot I was going to make. I bought the fabric and pattern in 2005 (I think). I completely forgot about it untill someone mentioned making a jacket out of faux sherpa on pattern review. I remmeber I was so excited about the project when I bought the stuff. So what happen? I must have gotten busy or found something more exciting to make. So I am waiting for the fabric to dry and then I will cut out my red faux sherpa using Simplicity 5253. I also found some fabric that I had planned to turn into a skirt. I have the linning, thread, and zipper sitting there in the bag so that is getting washed next.
And incase you didn't notice I am playing with my Blog. I still can't figure out how to get the sidebar to stay on the side though ???


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