Monday, January 15, 2007

cat bed has been tested and approved

He fits in it much better when he is curled up and asleep but he seems to really like it. It's always nice to knit something for someone who enjoys it.

So today I went in search of the Quilts and more magazine but wasn't able to find it anywhere. I wanted to make the purse that stacy has on her blog at stacey sews. (how do people put the cool links on a blog page ?) I still think there was a Vogue pattern just like that a few years ago but I can't get to the rest of my patterns at the moment to check.
In knitting news I did get some yarn to make the pirate hat. I'm goin with the black and white for my first one and I was able to find a video on how to do stranded color work at Knitting so now it's time to swatch. Hopefully by tommorow I will have a working gauge.


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