Tuesday, January 16, 2007

we call them pirates.

I started the hat last night after searching and searching for my vogue knitting book that seems to have vanished. I needed it to look up how to do a provisional cast on. I finally gave up and did a search online where I found a few different versions of this cast on. I used the one at Stitch Divas because to me it seemed to be the quickest. I decided I was going to use the two handed method of knitting this hat. I hold the white in my right hand and knit my everyday way then I hold the black in my left hand and try to knit continental. I have never been able to knit continental, for some reason I can't keep the yarn on my left hand and I tend to swoop in the wrong direction so my stitches end up on the needle backwards. BUT after a few rough goes I'm starting to get better at it, I'm still feeling awkward about holding that left yarn but the knitting looks good. I also think the fact that I am learning how to knit this way helps keep my tension from getting to tight where the yarn is carried in the back. I'm actually really happy with the way it is turning out and it's pretty fast to knit. I'm on row 15 already and I haven't spent much time working on it.
In sewing news while working on my third messenger bag I forgot to sew the back pocket on. I didn't realize my error untill I was sewing the linning together. Opps, so I added it as a inside pocket instead.


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