Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's been a few days

I hadn't realized how long it had been since my last post. I did some sewing:

I sewed the plain brown buttons on my shirt from my previous post.

I made some pillows for G's room out of super soft minky.

I made the tank from Kwik sew 3497 and adjusted the shoulder lingth so it wouldn't be as low. I also tried to make this a reversible tank but I didn't like the way it turned out. I feel like there is way to much bulk on the shoulder seam and at the hem. I did use a crummy fabric for this but it's not at all thick. I think honestly I'm just not a reversible clothing type person. The reversible garment is the challenge element for SWAP this year so, that's why I was working on this. I'm going to trash this tank and try another idea. I have been sketching out some vest ideas.

Vests Look what's back in style. Here are a few examples from runway.

What else have I been doing?


I ordered my first Marfy patterns, I can't wait to try them out.

I also bought a cool handbag at Target. (above picture)
Know I'm waiting for the mail to come, hopefully with my feb issue of BWOF.


Blogger Toya said...

love the new bag and I can't wait for the new feb bwof, could you believe I already have fabric for a couple of the patterns in there,,, crazy right?

4:47 PM  
Blogger Stacy said...

I hadn't thought about making the KS tank reversible.... that's an interesting idea. Although, I'm not sure that I'm a reversible clothes type person either, but it sure would be useful for vacations (Bret says I pack too many clothes).

I finally got my Feb. WOF today! I hope yours arrived, too.

5:38 PM  

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