Sunday, February 18, 2007

found time to sew

I wasn't planning on doing any sewing this weekend but much to my surprise I have.
We finished putting in the new window and now we are expecting rain. The same thing happened with the last window we replaced. It was a beutifully warm sunny day and then the next day it rained.
So I have been sewing. I am working on SWAP. I did take a breack to buy groceries and while I was doing that I went to the fabric store to get more thread and a zipper.
This pattern followed me home. McCalls 5314

I had looked at it when it first came out but didn't have any plan to buy it but they had one made up at the store and it was really cute. They made it out of a cotton print. It was a "Heather Bailey" print I think. They made the long sleeve version and used contrast fabric for the cuffs and collar. I would probably not do that.
I didn't buy any fabric though just the notions I needed and this one pattern, that was on sale.
I'm trying really hard not to start any new projects untill SWAP is done and my BR dress is done. Crafty projects and gifts don't count.


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