Thursday, April 05, 2007

I can't be the only one

First I want to say thank you to everyone for all the kind words and the emails it ment a lot to me, Thank you.

I ususally listen to Inspirational wednesday on thursdays because I'm off on thursdays but this week I ended up staying up late on tuesday so I listen to it then instead. I was working on my cropped cardigan from fitted kits and sitting all confy in my chair when they pulled the name of the winner for the drawing. Imagine my surprise when they announced that Stephaniesews won the drawing. Hey... that's me..No way.. So I emailed Toya and I'll be getting a package in the mail. How cool is that.
Next week they will be reviewing another knitting book "knitting 3 ways" I looked at this one on Amazon but wanted to wait untill I could actually look inside the book. So I'll be anxious to hear what they have to say.
Now, about the title of todays post. I am knitting the cropped cardigan from fitted knits and it's going pretty fast but it's boring so although it is perfect for TV knitting and waiting for something knitting it's not great "knitting time" knitting. So I wanted to start another project so I can switch back and forth and the socks don't count because they are sock knitting not knitting, knitting. If you are not a knitter you probably have decided I'm a total nut by now but if you are you get what I'm saying. Oh unless of course you are one OF THOES knitters wh0 only does one project at a time and then well...You should probably stop reading.. anyway I decided I wanted to get yarn for the " boatneck bluebell" from Fitted knits.
I was lucky enough to be asked to work at the other site location for work one day this week and it happens to be down the street from a Yarn store. I went in with my book and my money I had a plan and I was focused. Then I saw it, I was pulled in by it, I was inspired by it, I was in love with it, a capped sleeve cabled sweater in the softest yarn. I had to find the pattern, I needed to see the yarn. While I was hunting down this new must have project I was sidetracked bythe prettest sock yarn it was Lion and lamb of course. After picking the perfect color I continued on the hunt. The pattern is from REBBECCA magazine I love this magazine but it's a bit pricey so I only buy it once in awhile. This is a good issue though. It took awhile but I did finally find the sweater in te magazine, there is a tiny picture of it center shot the picture is not at all good but the sweater and the yarn are perfect. The yarn shop had the exact yarn they used. I picked a different color.

Then my favorite yarn shop moved this week and I promised my friend who owns it that I would pop in on thursday I still wanted to see if I could find something for the boatneck bluebell although I wasn't in any hurry now.

I clearly need to stay out of yarn stores when I have a case of "startitis" or maybe I caught it in the yarn store. But either way I came home with another pattern it's called ANSTRUTHER and it's by Dyed in the woods. This pattern is going to take some figuring because it's way to big for me. The small is a 40 bust and I am nowhere near that but I love the style of it. I also found some lambs pride fleece for the perfect tank from fitted knits. Remmeber my original plan, I wanted something for the perfect tank. Am I the only one? I went into the yarn shop with one project in mind. Three days later I now have hmmmm lets see 3 sweaters and a pair of socks planned out plus the sweater and socks on the needles and I never did find yarn for the boatneck bluebell. I'm going to be knitting alot this spring.

In sewing news: I bought Vogue 8379 I think I have fabric in my stash for this. I haven't done any work on M5337. I am washing terry from my stash for a robe Kwik sew 3350. I hope this is a quick sew because I need one of thoes super quick sewing projects that gets you going again.
Spring break started today so I won't be working much next week. I plan to get alot of sewing done.

I recieved Cast off by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee today from Amazon. I have read all her books and this is the newest. I will give a review when I'm done or maybe even before.


Blogger Toya said...

Hi steph, I hope you are coping with the lost of your grandfather well, its so hard to find words in these situations, but someone how I hope you are smiling.
the knitting 3 ways is on preorder, it will be realised on the 10th of April so hopefully I can get my hands on it soon after that, thanks for the shout out yet again and I'm happy we can brighten up you day seeing that you are in a time of mourning

4:36 AM  

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