Wednesday, April 18, 2007

crazy wednesday

Today was crazy, I had lunch with Mom, ran a couple errands, went to work, cam home took G to the orientation for High School (YIKES ! were starting high school in August), had a late dinner and now finally I can sit down and take my shoes off. Neadless to say no sewing has taken place. What a crazy day. I'll have to wait untill tommorow to down load inspirational wed. Thank goodness I'm off. I plan on being totally lazy and hopefully finally finishing my cropped cardigan from fitted knits. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure it's going to be too big. I made a couple errors when picking the size. First I should have went by my waist measurement rather then my bust because it really doesn't cross the bust but it needs to close a the waist. Problem is my waist is significantely smaller then my bust so I needed to make the smallest size. 2nd I didn't even make the size I intended to because when I went through and circledthe numbers for the size I was going to make I circled the wrong numbers. HELLO !! what was I drinking?
So it' sgoing to be too big, I'm pretty sure. So what am I going to do? The way I look at it here are my choices:
1. Rip it out and knit it again ( are you nuts? Not going to happen)
2. Wear it anyway ( could happen, probably won't)
3. Give it to a friend who's larger then me ( most likely, this is what I'll do)

I'm tired of looking at it and ready to move on to the turtleneck tube vest. I have also seen several really cute two tone shrugs but I'm wondering how this looks on a women with a bust. Don't you wish that knitting books told you the measurements of the model wearing the garment? Really a shrug is going to look much different on a women with a 32 bust ( or smaller)compared to a 36 bust right?


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