Thursday, April 12, 2007

Socks or no socks

So there are two types of knitters in the world, thoes who knit socks and thoes who don't.
I was once one of thoes who don't.

I use to say " are you crazy why would I want to knit socks ? Look at how small thoes needles are, that's going to take forever and it looks too hard. I'm really picky about my socks anyway.

I'm not sure what happen but I do know that it started as a challenge and I'm not one to turn my back on this kind of a challenge.
I was told by an older cranky women that you are not truly a kniter untill you have learned to knit a sock and that if I wasn't skilled enough to make a sock she understood, I'd get better eventually.
I was so irritated , ok pissed off , that I went home and decided I was going to show that "nasty old bat". I searched the web for a good basic sock pattern. My first sock was made out of worsted weight on size 5's.
It turned out looking exactly like a sock and it fit. I was so excited. Actually it was when I turned the heel on that first sock that I was excited.
It's the crazyest thing ,your knitting along and next thing you know you have this heel. That's when I was hooked ! Now just between you and me I never did make the 2nd sock to that first sock.
I went out and bought very pretty sock yarn and tiny needles. I was then a knitter who knits socks.

So for all of you non sock knitters be carefully there is a whole army of sock knitters out there waiting to lure you in and once your in your in. Except for maybe a few who seem to be able to knit a pair and then never do it again.

So how is the 52 pair KAL going ? It's day 12 and well, one lady is on her 5th pair, me I haven't finished the pair I started on the 1st. That's ok, It sure is fun to watch !!

On that note don't you love these ? I do they are so pretty. I'm going to make these if I ever finish the other ones.


Blogger Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Those are SO pretty! I am getting ready to try socks...I was even given a sock pattern and sock yarn..better get started eh? LOL

3:37 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

The only reason I even learned to knit was so I could knit socks. Now I want to knit sweaters and other things besides sock. Welcome to the world of sock-knitters!

11:11 AM  

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