Monday, April 23, 2007

Ripple inspiration

Every since I made the chevron scarf from Scarf style. I can't remember what it was really called. I have been fascinated with this stitch. Some people call these wave patterns some call them ripple patterns but whatever you want to call them they are basically a variation of the same thing. Lately I have been seeing these really fun blankets made out of the "ripple " stitch. If you look on flickr you get almost 300 of them.
What a great way to use up thoes odd balls of yarn. Although knowing me I would be out there buying more yarn to go with thoes odd balls. Most of the ones I'm seeing are crochet. I learned to crochet befoer I ever learned to knit but I haven't done it in 13 years and I never learned how to read a pattern. Of course I could knit one of these but I'd rather crochet it. There is even a Ripple along.

So what did I do this weekend?
Saturday I had to work then do house cleaning and cooking.
Sunday I Made some more circular needle cases I plan to put them in my etsy store I just have a few finishing touches to do on them. Then I cast on for the two tone shrug using lion brand wool ease . That's going really fast. I'm already like 7 inches into it. I also cast on for the Jaywalker socks. Then did a swatch for the tank in Rebecca magazine that I mentioned some time ago. During all that knitting I helped G fill out her registration papers for High school ( Scarry) I also thought about how I might make a tribute scrapbook for my Grandfathers 80th Birthday. I need the help of my relatives for the plan I have but I think it would be a wonderful gift.
Today I'm off to a long day at work but I'm taking my knitting along Just in case.


Blogger Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I joined the ripple along after I saw all the blankets on flickr! LOL, I went and got my yarn today and HOPE to start this week sometime!!! But this will be an on going project! LOL

9:49 AM  

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