Sunday, December 21, 2008

mad hatter

(I added this after fiirst posting)

I made Ginna a hat using the leftover yarn from the other hats in the last half of this post. I was going to add some embroidery but she declared it done and it was quickly assimilated into the teenage realm.

What a crazy week this has been.

Poor Sydney got beat up by the new neighbors " bad cats" again. He came in trailing blood, he had blood on his face and paw and whiskers and we all freaked out. Once we got him all cleaned up we found ha had a claw scratch across the top of his ear. Other then that he was fine, well scarred but fine. I put this towel down and the chair that he likes to hide on and he jump up there and went to sleep. I came in later to make sure he was ok and found Orange cat licking his face and all curled up next to him.

In the knitting world I made a pink honeycomb cowl.

I made myself a hat using wool ease thick and quick in lemongrass. It's the brangelina pattern from Ravelry. It's a little too tight for Ginna but it fits me perfectly I love it!! Now I want an orange one. No she wasn't in the mood for pictures.

A black hat for Don, my own pattern.

A hat for Don in charcoal same pattern .

Now, I am trying to make a pair of slippers using the same yarn.
Heather found a super cool scarf pattern on Ravelry the other night that I think would be great to make. I don't do alot of scarves because I find the tedious but this one is unusual.
I also finished Mom's blanket for Christmas so I'm pretty sure I am done.


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The yarn you used on the brangelina pattern is very pretty!

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