Saturday, May 31, 2008

super cute

Look at how cute they are all finished up.

Little Button Loafers (baby booties) by Sylvia Schuchardt
Yarn: Vanna's choice solid by lion brand.
It was a super fast project. It took longer to find buttons then it did to crochet these up. I might make another pair in cotton.
I'm thinking I could use leftover yarn once I finish the baby blanket.
It's on hold at the moment while I test knit a cardigan for knitwhits

Friday, May 30, 2008

did you vote

Did you vote ? No this isn't one of thoes political party questions. This is way more important then that. Drops has the new fall 08 pattern choices up for voting. You can pick 10 favorites to vote for. Secretely between you and me.... I didn't find 10 this time. That's ok though.

So what did I like... oh I must apologize for the bad photo's you should go to the site and check them out yourself..and vote if you feel like it.
so first one.. I like this floopy lace stitch hat. The pattern is fun, and it looks easy to wear.

I love these. You must go look at these on the site. I DO NOT want to make them. I want someone else to make them for me. I love them.

This jacket has some cute features. It has three different stitch patterns, one at the shoulders, one at the hips and one at the waist. I like the bell sleeves but they look to short. I like the rounded fronts and the neck line.
This looks so much like a Norah Gaughan design. Was it volume 2. The whole bottom looks like it was borrowed straight from her sweater. The striped yarn really gives it a geometric look. I feel like it has arrows pointing to her belly though.

This little cropped vest. I know it look ssimple and like so many other things but I voted for this one. I just like it.

This one although I don't care for the pattern that they picked I was inspired by it. I'm thinking if you take a kaffe fassett design and place it on the top of the bag. His designs are fantastic but so much work. In a bag you could do a small amount of the work and of course because it's felted you could hide all the liitle imperfections.

Back to knitting.
Have you ever knitted sock yarn on size 11 needled? It's wild man wild. Although I must say at this point it looks a bit like spider vomit.


Do you find that you buy colors in a certain range for a period of time? It seems that I am hooked on this lettuce green color at the moment. I already posted this lovely pile of Malibrigo I got few weeks ago. It has splashes of a wonderful green in it. I love that color.
So much infact that I have this pile of chunky Malibrigo in that color. It's called lettuce and I have no plan except to pile it on my clean desk and touch it foundly. I also picked up this funky Noro, what is it called....Taiyo...I think... it's a cotton blend. It has green as well but a more grass green. This is way outside my comfort color picks but I think it may be fun.
My webs order hasn't come yet. I ordered Malibrigo to make Trinity from fine fleece.
I knew as soon as I got a nice pile of malibrigo all ready to be knit up, I would run out of free time. That's exactly what may have happened. I start a new job today. YEA!!!! I'm employed again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hook in action

Watch out people !! I've got a hook and I'm not afraid to use it. Check out my new super cute summer slippers. I made these this weekend. My felted clogs are a bit warm for this warmer spring weather so I needed something fun and fresh. These are crochet and made out ( close your eyes if your a yarn snob)......Acrylic...100% Acrylic. They are very soft and the colors are fun. I should have made a size smaller because of my skinny feet but I still love them. I also have another pair of slippers on the hook but I'm struggling with that pattern again.

Then I made these tiny little baby ones this morning. I couldn't wait to finish them and take the picture I had to give you a in progress picture because they are so adorable. It's hard to see the size in the photo but they are so tiny and cute. I have to finish the strap on this one and then sew on the buttons.

I know I said I wasn't going to start anything new but this doesn't count because it's a gift for a friend who is due in sept. I'm not giving any details, it's a secret. But is you sneek peek.

So, fridayI organized my yarn. It was a huge project. I went through all the yarn and put it in thoes handy space bags. I found myself with so much extra space I was able to clear off my desk.
This caused some concern for my family members. The cats are happy though. It's the perfect spot to stretch out to thier full "lenghtyness".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sometimes you just need cake

Sometimes all you need is a piece of cake or two. Of course some new yarn is great and maybe a pattern or two and some books. I made cake this weekend. It was a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting. Don't you love how it practically matches the plate ? Don't let the crazy color fool you it was delicious.

I bought new yarn last week. Why ? because you can't have too much yarn and it's malibrigo. I love malibrigo. This is called blue lime or maybe lime blue? It's not as dark as the photo but it's pretty dark. I have a pattern all picked out for it, but I have some finishing to do. I am trying really hard not to cast on.
Ahhhh and nothing like a stack of fresh books and patterns. The one on the left is not knitting related. It was a book recommended to me by a knitting friend. It's called the boating party.
In the middle: doublestitch a crochet book, On the right : Knitalong, I bought this on a whim.
Then two patterns in the back, the blue sky alpacca cropped cardigan and Fiffi. I have been trying for months to hunt down a copy of this pattern.

But before we do any book reading or new projects some finishing has to be done. Here's what has been completed so far. Tubby finally has his ends woven in and is sitting in his new home in the bathroom.

The blue octopus thing, crocheted, finally has eight legs. This didn't turn out very well. I should have used a smaller hook and not stuffed it so much. Ginna likes it though, so that's fine.

Finally the malibrigo wristwarmers are done. I needed to finish the thumb on the 2nd one and had been putting it off. This is a super fast and fun pattern.
Thanks to Ginna who was willing to model even though it was bed time and she had on her Pj's.

Love the color, love the cable, love the yarn. I'm not sharing these ones.

So now what? I have a pair of slippers that are giving my problems that I need to finish. I have a sock and a 1/2 to finish. Then I'll decide what else has to be worked on. Or...I'll start something new.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thank you

Thank you to everyone. I really appreciate all the kind comments and emails. I'm doing ok now. I needed a time out from things.
As for crashing, my husband replaced my bike pedals with a different type. These are the same as the ones he uses. He thinks these will work better for me, and hopefully will result in fewer or no crashes. If these don't work I'm giving up on being clipped to the bike and going with the plain ole regular pedals. I understand that the clips are more efficient and professional but I'd really like to be able to wear a skirt again without everyone seeing my multi colored knees.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Organized yet?

So I made a bag to hold all my knitting supplies. The colors are good but the bags all wrong so I tried again. No, the picture isn't upside down the bag is drying on a box, the bag is upside down.
This one the colors are strange but the bag is pretty much perfect. This is the prefelting picture.
After the bag dried I made a needle holder to go inside the bag. It also holds crochet hooks.
It snaps into place with two large black snaps. The picture isn't great. It's very hard to take a good picture of the inside of a bag.

This ones maybe a little better. Now to finish labeling all the circulars and bagging them.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

organizing really??

Ok ,so I haven't started any socks. I have a couple of reasons for that. One I realized the yarn I love so much is actually a sport weight not a fingering weight like the monkey sock pattern calls for. That's what happens when you whined your balls and lose your tags. It's also an excellent arguement for why you should always swatch. which I do .

The 2nd reason is that I all of a sudden had this uncontrollable urge to organize my needles.

One of the ladies at knit group carries her entire circular needle collection around with her in this handy little filling type system in a gift bag. It seems to work perfectly for her. Heather and I were talking a few weeks ago about how we need to get organized and maybe we should try her method. Another member of the group came up with thte perfect bags to hold the needles.

So.. I'm busy organizing.
Note: The needle case I made that you see in the photo would work well for someone who doesn't have a very large collection. As soo as you need to put more then two in a pocket it becomes a problem to get them out or keep them from tangeling together. It also doesn't work well for the really long needles or the really large ones. And the little 12 inch lengths get lost in the pockets.