Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sometimes you just need cake

Sometimes all you need is a piece of cake or two. Of course some new yarn is great and maybe a pattern or two and some books. I made cake this weekend. It was a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting. Don't you love how it practically matches the plate ? Don't let the crazy color fool you it was delicious.

I bought new yarn last week. Why ? because you can't have too much yarn and it's malibrigo. I love malibrigo. This is called blue lime or maybe lime blue? It's not as dark as the photo but it's pretty dark. I have a pattern all picked out for it, but I have some finishing to do. I am trying really hard not to cast on.
Ahhhh and nothing like a stack of fresh books and patterns. The one on the left is not knitting related. It was a book recommended to me by a knitting friend. It's called the boating party.
In the middle: doublestitch a crochet book, On the right : Knitalong, I bought this on a whim.
Then two patterns in the back, the blue sky alpacca cropped cardigan and Fiffi. I have been trying for months to hunt down a copy of this pattern.

But before we do any book reading or new projects some finishing has to be done. Here's what has been completed so far. Tubby finally has his ends woven in and is sitting in his new home in the bathroom.

The blue octopus thing, crocheted, finally has eight legs. This didn't turn out very well. I should have used a smaller hook and not stuffed it so much. Ginna likes it though, so that's fine.

Finally the malibrigo wristwarmers are done. I needed to finish the thumb on the 2nd one and had been putting it off. This is a super fast and fun pattern.
Thanks to Ginna who was willing to model even though it was bed time and she had on her Pj's.

Love the color, love the cable, love the yarn. I'm not sharing these ones.

So now what? I have a pair of slippers that are giving my problems that I need to finish. I have a sock and a 1/2 to finish. Then I'll decide what else has to be worked on. Or...I'll start something new.


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