Wednesday, April 30, 2008


If your a fan of Knitty, knit socks or are on Ravelry you have probably heard of the monkey socks by Cookie. I have this wonderful sock yarn by claudia handpainted in the "eat your veggies" color way that I love. I think, infact, I'd be shocked if I didn't buy it at Yarnology. So I was searching online for a good project to use that yarn for. It's been tucked away in the stash for awhile and I do really love the yarn so I feel like it needs to be laying around in a ufo state rather then tucked in the stash box. Or..even better a finished project.
I did a search on Ravelry to see what others have done with that yarn and that's when I was reminded of the monkeys. It's the most popular sock pattern on ravelry
4941 monkey socks are listed as projects it is in 2629 ques. That's a whole lot of monkeys.
Now 4941 is an odd number and I really feel like when twalking about socks we should talk in even numbers so I have added Monkey socks to my project page. Well I ever finish them? One of them for sure that's easy but two??
Today was a day of waiting, I spent hours waiting to get my car services then I spent more time waiting at the hospital. So, with all this waiting it's little projects that work best. How about a evangiline arm warmer in Malibrigo. I made one today. I just have to do the thumb and start the 2nd one. I might not even do a thumb but just bind off instead.


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