Wednesday, April 02, 2008

learning something new

This is my bike. Very cool, don't you think ? They spent alot of time at the bike shop fitting it and adjusting it to my size so it fits me like it was made for me. I love it. I can't wait to take it on a long ride, one with lots of hills. These are my new pedals. Great color, totally matches the bike.

These are my totally cool ridding shoes, also match the bike. They are very comfortable.
Only one problem, these shoes clip into thoes pedals. So you are attached to the bike while ridding. There are all knids of advantages to this. That's what people are telling me anyway. This is the street, this is what you land on when you don't get your shoe unclipped from the pedal before comming to a complete stop. This is why I love the bike the shoes, but NOT the pedals.

I landed good and hard. I hate the idea of being attached to the bike and I wish I had got back on and went for another ride after falling yesterday. Now all I can think about is hitting the ashalt if I can get unclipped. I'll get it figured out though because I'm not one to quit. I like a challange, I just don't like to be bruised and scraped.
Thankfully, I've got D to help me practice the clips before I hit the road again. Oh and because it's raining I can put it off another day. Otherwise wish me luck and stock up on the band aids.


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You go Girl!!

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