Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update on inspiration

I took a trip to a yarn shop yesterday. Not my usual one but since my usual one is about to close I went to see what was happening in the other one. I bought this. It's a skien of Malabrigo. I hear people talk about how much they love this yarn, and I have wanted to try it. I also bought the new Louisa Harding pattern book. So,

wondering how I am doing on my list of must knit projects ? Here is Nob Hill from Knitty. It rolls like mad and I still need to sew that button on. I don't love it, it's ok. I am working on Talia also from knitty. It's zooming along. It's a very easy knit. I am even further now then the picture shows. I am doing the bust increases. I'll probably take this with me to knit group tommorow.

When this is done I will probably move on to making mosey also from knitty. I don't have the yarn for thoes though. I also started the prairie boots from coco knits. Were thoes even on the list ? I had top rip them out though, long story. I'll restart them soon. I am debating on imogen I bought yarn for it, but I love the yarn so it may need to be something more exciting.
Ohh and I'm almost done with the Wyoming vest from ...Knitscene. I ran out of yarn and had to get more.


Blogger Adrienne said...

What beautiful yarns you are using!

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