Friday, February 01, 2008

I have how many UFO's??? ( part 1)_

Here are most of the UFO's There are 3 more that I will put in another post. Blogger has decided this is enough pictures for this post. Black, white and grey strip scarf. No pattern, knit in the round as a tube.
UFO because: that it's a very slow, boring knit. This thing is probably 3 years old. I would live in it if I could finish it. Its the softest yarn I have knit with.

The lace panel skirt in hemp. I have been working on this since august 07
UFO because it's a complicated pattern on tiny needles and it hurts my hands

Hard to see but this is a scarf. My own pattern I think. I can't even remmeber.
UFO because I ran out of yarn and had to find more then lost interest.

This odd thing is also a scarf. stockinette stitch in a yarn that changes texture.
UFO because it reminds me of Dr suess. Probably will be frogged and yarn will be sold or traded

AHHH the ruffle scarf. Crazy big bird colored yarn. Will I ever wear this thing?? It's actually super soft and totally fun.
UFO, I don't know why

This is a nicky epstein felted bag pattern. Not hard to knit just fiddly
UFO because I lost interest.

This one is hard to explain but I'm pretty sure I have a blog entry on this from 06. Its a pokte. I'll have to check the spelling. Pattern created as I went. Request from Ginna.
UFO because ,it's well, not that fun to knit.

Socks: EEKK I think these are my jaywalkers.
UFO because there socks.

Another pair of socks. From Knit socks or sensational socks?
UFO: 2nd sock sendrom

Stash busting blanket. This is done with tunisian crochet in lion brand thick and quick ( I think)
UFO: just because it's really heavy now and I had other projects to do for X-mas. I just havent gone back to it.

I forgot all about this one, untill the other day at the yarn shop. Its the four seasons throw. It's a manos pattern but I was using cascade 200 held double. It's actually looking very cool but I got to a complicated block that took to much concentration and now I don't know where I am.

Hmmm that's 11 UFO's here and I have a few more to post. A couple of these may not survive though.


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