Monday, February 04, 2008


I'm in a few groups on Ravelry and one of the ones that just started is the Organized knitter here is the blog. I'll get a link on the side too, but for now this will do. So anyway, the febuary challenge has inspired me to organize all my scrapbook supplies. I would love to get them so organized and condensed that they fit in a couple of scrapbook bags and a file system ( for the paper) At the moment they are here and there and everywhere. That's probably the biggest reason I don't scrapbooks anymore, it's too much work to find the stuff. So I started by going through stickers. Here is a "in the process" picture. I have created stacks or piles for keep, toss, give away and summer school donations. This isn't all of them but at least I have a good start.
I have a Creative Memoried sticker Binder that is empty. I hope to get all the stickers and die cuts organized and put in there. Then I will move onto paper.


Blogger owl knits said...

Good work!! I'm also in the OKC 30-day challenge and I'm visiting around to see what other people are doing. It's very encouraging!

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