Friday, April 25, 2008

Pattern love

You know how sometimes you will just see a pattern or yarn of fabric or garment and think """Ohh I love that"". That's how I feel this pattern. It's a Teva Durham pattern and I am always fascinated by her designs. It would probably look absolutly terrible on me but I keep looking at it and thinking I love that. It's on size 9 needles so that's good and it's in one of her yarns. River, I think this is one of the yarns I was so in love with the other day. What do I love about it? It's big and slochy and the lace panels on the arms and around the top are super cool.
Then there is this one, also by Teva. I really like it as well. This one is done on size 11's. That would go pretty fast. It's very large though. But maybe it could be scalled down. The smallest is a 45 1/2 inch bust. If you went down a needle size or two...
Then there is the lush and lacy cardigan that I have mentioned a few times. I love the front of this and hate the back. So...How about getting rid of the peplum "gasp" in the back and knit it flat. I think it would be so much better. So this is a I tired of knitting sweaterbabes lace panel sweaters though. Shouldn't I be doing something summer and spring like?

Ages ago I posted this picture. It's from Antropology. I thought it was the coolect thing and when Knitty came out with nob hill I thought wow that's kinda similiar maybe that would be cool. I hated the way Nob hill felt after I finished it. It was too bulky and uncomfortable to wear.
This though is still on my mind. When the tilted duster first came out I thought the top of that looked somewhat like this. Apparently I'm not the only one because a couple of people have made the top of the tilted duster, with out all the body ,and it is very similiar.

So..why and I looking at patterns ? The malibrigo sweater has been knit and is now waiting for the dreaded blocking. I also bought the buttons so thoes will get sewn on as well. I might take a preblocked picture for everyone just to hold you over untill I get it completly finished. I started this super chunky giant Rowan sweater at 2 am this morning...don't ask.
It will be done very quickly on size 17 needles. It's kinda a problem pattern but I think it will be ok.


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OH WOW! I LOVE that last sweater!!! OMG!

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