Sunday, August 12, 2007

The "C" word

I have decided it's time to start thinking about Christmas. I know it's only August but every year I am still crafting on Christmas Eve and this year I want to be done before that. Maybe even the week before that. Doesn't that sound like a great idea. To be totally done with all your gifts and still have a week to enjoy the holiday. I'm also only going to make things for the people who really appreciate a handmade gift. Why go to all that trouble if they don't even care.
So let's start a list of ideas to help get things going.

Mom: she's easy I can make her pretty much anything and she will like it. I think this year I'll make her a crocheted throw for the couch.
Brother: Right now I'm thinking I'll make him one too in a super chunky, super washable yarn in blacks and greys.
Daughter: G is still waiting for a pair of leg warmers in bright orange.
Husband: A new beanie would be good, maybe two if I have the time.
Grandma W: asked for a purple scarf this last winter so I will make her one for Christmas.

There are more people to think about but these are the ones I have possible ideas for at the moment. And these are all knit and crochet I will have a seperate list for sewing.

As for current projects: My puffed sleeve cardigan is on the peplum section. i still have to figure out ho I am going to make it long sleeves rather then short like the pattern calls for.
I also cast on for the drop stitch tank ;last night. both are from fitted knits.
I am now looking for the perfect scarf pattern for a scarf I'm making. I'm leaning towards the chevron scarf or the sililiar one from scarf style. Or I found the "morning surf scarf" yesterday while on Ravelry.

I bought romantic style knits by Annie Modesitt this week. I'll review it after I finish looking at it.


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