Friday, August 03, 2007

Is it friday again?

This week went by so fast. I can't believe it's friday. I had plannd to head to my favorite yarn shop today after work, to work on my hexagons that are being sadly forgotten. I ended up getting sidetracked by grocery shopping and dinner instead ,so hopefully tommorow I will have time. I am really trying to finish them off because I am totally in love with my new crochet book and can't wait to start something new. I originally saw this book at monstitches blog

It's the pattern she used to make her hexagon blanket. Isn't it georgeous. I found the book at Yarnology and fell in love with several of the patterns.

I seperated the sleeves from the body on the puffed sleeve cardigan and things should start moving much faster now.

In sewing news I made 8 knitting needle cases but still haven't cut out my gum drop pillow.

I'm off to ravelry to see what other projects I need to add to my must make list.


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