Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fabrics, inspiration and ripples

Swap fabrics: Left to right, Black denim, Charcoal cotton twill, this next one is a print from Georgous things, it's actuall black with a pale blue swirl, ( this is a maybe) next is a rayon black with white poka dots, White eyelet and a solid white cotton for linning ( not shown) the last is a black rayon linning ( I might need it with the poka dot) I also have a black linene with a white embroidered print in the wash. And somewhere I have a black knit fabric ( poly rayon spndex) I think.

While I was searchingf in my STASH for my missing black fabric and something for a jacket I can across several solid cottons. I pulled out these. There just sitting on my desk for now. Inspiration, maybe.

Here is the Ripple, 6 colors down. Just out of curiousity I was wondering if I could knit a ripple faster then I can crochet one. I had some NORO kereyon leftover from a felted bag I made a couple years ago so I cast on using this pattern "frangipani" page 116 of the ripple pattern book.
I think this is a size 10 needle., Maybe a 32 inch. I need a longer one
you can see how squished the stitches are right now. I have only done 2 rows. If I decide I like it I'll get a longer needle a 47 would be nice. I don't think Knit picks makes them that long but I know addi does.


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